Civil engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is fundamental to construction projects. With more than 30 years of experience, SJLA has the professional expertise in land development to accommodate projects of any scale and support our clients and their projects through each phase of the process.


We will perform a site evaluation and feasibility study to identify any constraints and ensure our team of Engineers design practical solutions that are effective and sustainable for the site and meet the needs of our clients.


We have developed strong working relationships in the industry. We work collaboratively with municipal & county agencies and other contributing consultants on the project to ensure it gets through permitting and entitlements to completion as efficiently as possible.

Services provided:

ZEngineering Feasibility Studies
ZRoadway Design
ZCommercial Site Design
ZResidential Subdivisions
ZGrading Design Including Hillside Development
ZSanitary Sewer & Septic Design
ZDomestic Water System Design
ZCoordinated Utility Plans
ZStorm water management and detention analysis
ZDrainage studies
ZStorm water quality analysis
ZErosion and sediment control plans/SWPPP preparation
ZWinery development
ZPublic works projects including schools, airports and fire facilities
ZResponsive construction phase services